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The body's natural response to stress or trauma is to tense up and draw in. What once was expansive in us narrows and tightens, in an effort to protect us from injury and help us survive situational demands.  

Integrative clinical massage melts and mends those stress-induced barriers, creating room for the body's innate healing mechanisms to kick in. As bodywork starts to make :: space. in constricted areas, freshly oxygenated blood enlivens once guarded spaces - rejuvenating scar tissue, softening fascial adhesions, defusing pain triggers, restoring flexibility and range of motion, and allowing taut bands of muscle to breathe and decompress.

But this idea of creating room goes beyond what happens in us physiologically. Stress or trauma causes us to tense up and draw in psychologically, too. When we experience times of disruption or pressure, we often instinctively start to live in less expansive ways. Our schedules and relationships cramp up. We find it harder to pursue what we love. We find it harder to cultivate healthy habits. We find it harder to be kind, vulnerable, and open-minded. But when we make :: space. for our well-being, we make :: space. for our real and best selves to emerge. And when we feel better, we live more fully.

So investments in self-care really do make :: space. - for healing, for fitness, for life. At its root, this is the philosophy underlying all wellness practice.


Based on need, some of the approaches make :: space. integrates into client-centered sessions are:

  • initial health intake and postural assessment.

  • deep tissue and neuromuscular activation.

  • myofascial and craniosacral techniques.

  • orthopedic treatment and sports massage.

  • aromatherapy and simple breathwork.

Throughout each session, the focus is on encouraging mind, body, and spirit to be at ease. Because when we make :: space. for our real selves, real healing begins.


Many of massage therapy's benefits are intuitive - we feel the results and just know, on some core level, that massage just works. But research also backs up the benefits of bodywork. According to the official position statements of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage has potential to:

  • relieve symptoms of stress and reduce anxiety.

  • decrease insomnia and improve sleep.

  • enhance fitness gains and training recovery.

  • alleviate headaches and neck and back pain.

  • complement treatment for fibromyalgia.

  • lessen symptoms of depression.

  • aid post-operative pain and rehabilitation.

  • diminish pain and nausea in cancer patients.

  • benefit postpartum care and infant attachment.


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60 Minutes - $80
75 Minutes - $95
90 Minutes - $110

Cash, Credit, and Venmo accepted.


make :: space. doesn't accept gratuities. Rather than accept the idea of massage as luxury, natalie believes therapeutic bodywork has an integral role to play in every person's ongoing healthcare and preventative wellness plan. So instead of leaving a tip, include massage therapy more often in your self-care budget and pay-it-forward by referring friends and family members who would benefit from doing the same. Massage offers each of us a drug-free, surgery-free, side-effect-free path toward a life well-lived. And every single one of us is worth that pursuit.


"The best massages I've ever had. She always seems to find the source of the problem. A natural - none better!" - George L.

"Top notch on every level: professional, awesome atmosphere, great technique. In my opinion, unmatched in the Richmond area." - Josie D.

"Amazing help with sports recovery! Convenient location, relaxing studio atmosphere, and (most importantly) a therapist who communicates wonderfully." - Beth B.

"As an active duty soldier, finding quick attentive care beyond muscle relaxers and ibuprofen for pain led me to make :: space. I was skeptical at first but natalie's skills and research for me identified the specific causes of my debilitating tension headaches originating in my neck and back. She provided sound advice on changing postural habits and the therapy resulted in rapid effective recovery. natalie is a true professional and cares about her clients. Highly recommend, as she basically saved my summer." - Mike M.

"The best! Wonderful atmosphere, welcoming space and excellent practitioner who knows massage and what works for your body." - Kay F.


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